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Prensas de 2 cabezales

Prensas de 2 cabezales.

Isostatic double head press in horizontal execution for the production of ceramic flatware articles like saucers, plates, round and non-round bowls, square, rectangular articles and similar articles with or without festoon and relief.

The main components of the double head press are:

horizontal pretensioned press with cast iron traverses for the application of two isostatic pressing tools for completely different articles which may be pressed with different adjustment and speed, for high flexibility and tool change without stopping the production for the second pressing tool

with quick mould changing systems and two filler slides (part of the press!)

two independent pressurised granulate injection systems for quick and homogeneous mould filling

fully housed hydraulic unit for noise reduction to max. 75 dB/A

electronically / electric control Simatic S 7 with profi bus system

electric pulley for mould change

LPP900.04 - Prensas de doble cabezal ***

LPP900.04 - Prensas de doble cabezal ***


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