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SACMI puts at Your service its 30-years-old, worldwide, successful experience in automation in many different fields, making production processes easier than ever.

Complete handling lines or just special pieces of automation can be chosen among our wide range of standardized solutions or developed along with You to meet even the most specialized requests.






Thanks to their high positioning accuracy and outstanding repeatability, robots have the ability to consistently produce top quality products and accurately perform repetitive tasks. Nor will quality suffer if the work is physically demanding, tedious or in a hazardous environment, thus maintaining an healthy working environment which is the key to getting the best performance from employees.
Whether Your application requires a 3-axis Cartesian robot or a 6-axis articulated robot, why renouncing the opportunity of adopting a flexible solution for Your flexible issues?

Product oriented palletizing tools, vacuum pads or mechanical grippers: there is nothing we can’t pick… and there is nothing we can’t place where and how you want.

On line marking
Traceability anyone? Print, paint or mark automatically, with a data storage system that keeps in its memory all the relevant information. And win the global quality challenge knowing how, where and when your products have been produced.

While Your products are getting automatically ready to be shipped, You can better focus on Your business. This is why we developed complete packaging lines for processing whatever kind of protection for Your products You will need.

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