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NIR Systems

NIR Systems

Transmittance NIR technology proposed by SACMI is simple and harmless and allows a non-destructive indirect analysis of the main internal characteristics of organic materials.

This technology consists in illuminating the products using a light beam in the wavelengths of Near-Infrared (400-1100 nm) and then analysing the remaining light spectrum after it has passed through the product itself. These spectra are correlated to results obtained with a destructive analysis of samples having known characteristics,thus creating optimal calibrations to work in prediction with organic matrices and in working conditions common to agro-food industry production plants. SACMI has developed a remarkable experience in fruit, milk, edible oil while research continues in other food industry field.

SACMI NIR Technology is available both on stand-alone portable devices as well in-line to any existing agro-food production line.

NIR CASE NIR LAB NIR BOX - Calibration lines for fruit and vegetables


Main application fields
The advantages of the NIR CASE
NIR CASE - catalogue
Technical sheet


Main application fields
Technical sheet

NIR BOX - Calibration lines for fruit and vegetables

Analised parameters
NIR - catalogue

Additional NIR CASE services

The 2-day NIR CASE training course takes place at the SACMI headquarters. During the course a technician from the SACMI laboratory will show customers’ technicians how to carry out the initial calibration and how to keep the unit updated by carrying out periodic comparative tests.
On-line Sacmi laboratory Calibration Assistance Service
The on-line assistance service (annual subscription) allows the customer’s technicians to check and update instrument performance under the supervision of the SACMI laboratory. Calibration Service SACMI can, on request, supply robust calibration models by putting all the experience of the NIR laboratory at your disposal. The material is generally provided by the customer and the required time varies according to the number of calibrations requested and the robustness you aim to achieve.
Sacmi Software: added value Calibration Software
This software allows the user to manage calibration updates and additions and create new calibrations autonomously. Statistics Software This software allows the user to monitor statistical analysis of variance and averages for the various internal parameters being assessed on a lot-by-lot, producer-by-producer basis. Supervision System Allows remote connection and statistical analysis of data from more than one NIR CASE: the most comprehensive Statistics Software version available
Supervision system

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