Sacmi Iberica



Inspection systems provided by Sacmi offer a comprehensive, cutting-edge range of products and technologies for production line quality/process controls within the Group's business areas.
They include the video camera vision systems, near-infrared inspection systems, electronic 'noses' and X-ray systems used in the Ceramic, Food Processing and Beverage & Packaging industries.
More specifically, since 1987 Sacmi has been providing the market with its CVS line of vision systems, which have since gone on to set the standard for inspection within the worldwide Beverage & Packaging industry. By 2007, in fact, over two thousand CVS systems - providing precision, reliable inspection performance every single day - had been installed all over the globe:
- PET preforms
- Plastic and metal closures
- Labels
- Cans
- Plastic and glass bottles
- Pharmaceutical phials and bottles

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