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Color Management System


The CRONO colour management system provides both graphic design technicians and machine operators with a perfect tool for the development of new graphic projects and their optimisation in the digital printing process. Because its adapts to the colour and glaze combinations used in manufacturing, CRONO can automatically break up the generic designs (acquired by scanner or supplied by graphic design studios/ink suppliers) into the necessary channels and pilot the on-ceramic digital printing process.
To ensure the specific needs of all ceramic manufacturers are met in full, CRONO is available in two different versions: CRONO DESKTOP and CRONO PRODUCTION.

CRONO DESKTOP has been designed for use in graphical departments or ceramic workshops/labs and includes all the functions needed for linearization and alignment between the various glazes and machines. It comes with an extremely powerful graphics workstation, a monitor specially designed to allow accurate colour assessment plus an automatic spectrophotometer for the creation of colour profiles. A ceramic company with CRONO Desktop can execute chromatic alignment between the various glazes and digital machines autonomously.

System specifications:

Functionality Crono Desktop
Positioning   Graphical department or workshop/lab
User  Ceramic graphics technician
Profiling  Creation and use of CMYK and Multicolor linearizations and profiles
Computer Graphics workstation HP Z620 RAM 16 Gb and 12-core Intel Xeon processors
Monitor EIZO CG246W panel 24” LED IPS self-calibrating
X-Rite EyeOne iO automatic spectrophotometer  Yes
Pre-installed software Yes
Installation by customer on other computers Yes
1 license supplied on hardware key
Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop for Windows, unlimited license Yes
(Photoshop not included)
Network connection with ColoraHD to be requested at time of order

CRONO PRODUCTION has been designed for use on the machine; connected directly to Colora HD or Colorscan, it allows the operator to process the digital files provided by the graphics department or ink suppliers. Files can be modified in a user-friendly way in order to carry out last-minute tone variations during production. CRONO PRODUCTION is recommended for companies that do not have their own graphics department, or those that want to make last-minute changes to files during manufacturing. CRONO PRODUCTION is also suitable for third fire manufacturers and trim producers, as it can receive, process and send hundreds of RGB files to ColoraHD or Colorscan for the rapid production of one-off pieces.

System specifications:

Functionality Crono Production
Positioning In the booth alongside the ColoraHD or Colorscan
Use Skilled machine operator
Profiling Use of CMYK and Multicolor colour linearizations and profiles created with Crono Desktop or Crono client/server
Computer HP AIO RAM 8 Gb with 4-core Intel i7 processor
Monitor Monitor TFT 24” integrated into the system pre-calibrated by Intesa
X-Rite EyeOne iO automatic spectrophotometer No
Pre-installed software Yes
Installation by customer on other computers No
Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop for Windows, unlimited license Yes (Photoshop not included)
Network connection with ColoraHD Yes

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