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With load inlet widths ranging from 2.350 to 3.070 mm, the 3-channel ETP horizontal roller drier is generally used in plants with high output capacity. Designed to meet the space-saving needs common to many ceramic production plants, the drier in this range is generally used to feed glazing lines.
It has a modular structure: the standard configuration consists of four or more independent zones from a thermo-hygrometric standpoint. The various channels are fed by load/unload elevators. The metal roller drive system consists of a series of inverter-controlled gear motors, each of which moves the different layers in each module.
Rollers are driven by pairs of helical toothed gears; oil-bath type lubrication is used. Transfer roller units are placed at the two ends of the drier. They are powered by their own gear motors and accelerate the product into the drier and away from it in synchronization with the elevator loading/unloading operations that distribute the material on the layers.
The burner and electrical systems, as well as all the safety devices comply with European standards.
They include: side elevator guards, emergency stop cord on the drive side, access stairs and handrails in the regulation and/or maintenance zones, heat insulation and sound proofing, emergency production line shutdown buttons.

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