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Highly flexible production of tiles and ceramic slabs.

 CONTINUA+ is an innovative compaction technology that breaks through productivity barriers for large size tiles. It also allows aesthetic effects to be varied easily and naturally, thus offering outstanding personalization potential.
CONTINUA+ allows the manufacture of porcelain slabs and tiles within a wide size and thickness range, personalized both on the surface and in-body, at higher output rates than those attainable with traditional products.
The range of aesthetic effects is virtually unlimited: new ideas and materials can be put directly into the tile, using single or multiple layers.

SACMI has provided the CONTINUA+ line with new equipment and systems:
• the new 4-colour powder-based DDD digital decoration system;
• the "on the move" cutting system;
• the new FORMULA supervision system.

But the core of Continua+ is the PCR, a continuous compactor that allows manufacturers to form slabs that have a strength and density even greater than those attainable via traditional pressing.
Compaction occurs by way of two very stiff motor-driven belts. The powder is deposited on the
lower belt and carried inside the machine where the combined action of the two belts with the two compaction rollers allows forming.
Non-deformable containment buffers delimit the lateral powder boundaries, thus ensuring excellent compaction of the edge and so limiting scrap.
The lower belt has a length that allows the employment of decoration systems prior to the compaction stage.
The revolutionary upper polished steel compactor belt gives surfaces an incomparable shine that is impossible to obtain with traditional pressing techniques. Continuous belt cleaning ensures perfect process repeatability and, therefore, constant quality over time.
An intrinsic quality of the product, surface shine also offers further advantages in downstream processes, allowing truly full digital decoration (reducing the amount of material to be applied and, therefore, costs and environmental impact) while minimising tool consumption during the subsequent lapping stages. And the upper belt can also be specially engraved to imprint relief structures on the slab; the machine is designed so that the latter can be replaced quickly.
Installing the PCR does not require any foundation work.
The absence of noise, vibration and dust also makes this technology the most innovative in terms of environmental impact.
Unmatched quality, higher productivity, lower costs, reduced environmental impact, more efficient finishing processes: these, then, are the advantages of the solution provided by Sacmi

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