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Traditional casting plants

Traditional casting plants

Traditional casting with gypsum moulds still offers all the advantages that have made it so popular everywhere in the world: extreme user-friendliness and cost-efficiency and flexibility of the production systems used.
GVV - Conventional casting bench

GVV - Conventional casting bench

GVV - Catalogue
Technical sheet


NIV also supplies a wide range of  transport and storage systems for demoulded pieces to be installed alongside the traditional casting plants, thus meeting a variety of requirements for storage and pre-drying. The systems consist of modular motorized parallel chain conveyors with uni- or bidirectional movement arranged on one or more levels.

For traditional casting plants various servo-mechanized demoulding systems can also be offered in order to simplify and optimize the demoulding operations and the  transfer of the pieces onto the storage belts. These pneumatic systems can slide all along the casting plant and are mounted on the operator’s side.

It is possible to install a dryer for the plaster moulds above the casting plant  thus enabling two or more cycles during the working day.

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