Sacmi Iberica

About Us

SACMI IBERICA, S.A.  is a company property of SACMI Group , native of Imola (Italy). 

SACMI Group manufactures and installs machines and complete plants for the Ceramics industry, Packaging and Sanitary. They are characterized by being at the forefront of technology in these sectors and have proven reliability for decades.


Our activities

SACMI IBERICA, S.A. is headquartered in Castellón (Spain) and serves markets in Spain and Portugal, in all their needs and services:

- A comprehensive Technology Assessment to introduce new production and conversion, optimization of factories and production lines already in existence.
- Technical assistance to set up new machines, and to review, repair and upgrade equipment in use.
- Supply of all spare parts for machines SACMI and other items and industrial products for the Portuguese and Spanish ceramic tile industry, besides other SACMI clients from some next country that have convenience of acquiring spare parts from Spain. We have 4,500 m² of storage area for spare parts, with a value of 4,500,000 euros.
- Supply and installation of used machines, checked and guaranteed to work and partial groups of machine components for their hard work that suffer major wear.


Sacmi 4.0 is H.E.R.E

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